Two Easy Steps to Always Go Viral Content on Google

Writing blog posts is time-consuming. So, when you write one, you publish it, you’re like, “Oh I put all this time and energy into creating this masterpiece.” But, then when you find out that no one reading it, what happens? You get demotivated. You get sad.

go viral content

So, today, I’m gonna teach you how to consistently write viral content so that doesn’t happen to you. When you write content, you want it to go viral. You want people to be sharing it, linking to it, clicking to it, and you want it to rank on Google.

So, How do you Consistently Create Viral Content?

Well, it’s really simple.
The first thing you need to do is go to and type in keywords and phrases within your space, and they’ll show you what’s popular. On Google Trends, their homepage, you’ll also see what’s going viral right then and there. If you write content related to those pieces or those topics, you’ll notice that your content will get more traction than if you wrote on something that happened a year ago, six months ago.

Write About Viral Content of Today for Best Results-

So, you want to catch the wave right when something is going viral. And Google Trends will show you that for free. The next thing you need to do, especially if you’re in a niche, is going to and type in keywords related to your space.

They’ll show you the latest viral content that’s been doing well in the last few months and the last year. Write similar content that’s more detailed. So, if someone wrote an article that breaks down 10 ways to do X, Y, and Z, you want to make sure you break down 101 ways to do X, Y, and Z. Because if their post did well, and your post is way more detailed, you can expect your content to go viral.

As I mentioned in previous videos, once you write very detailed content that’s better than someone else’s, using BuzzSumo, you can click on view sharers, see everyone who’s shared that piece of content on Twitter, hit them up, right? You can take their Twitter user IDs, go to Twitter, Google their names, find their email address, I know it’s a bit of work, but anything worthwhile requires some work.

Then, you can message them like, “Hey, John. I noticed you shared this article by Sam from IT World. That broke down how Google Analytics screwed online marketing. And I have a similar article that’s coming out, but mine talks about:
“How Google Analytics has Helped Marketing.”
Cheers, Vashif.”
John will probably respond back with sure.
Then, you want to email him back with,
“Here you go. Cheers, Vashif.
If you shared it not only would it make my day it would make my year.” It’s that simple. By doing that, your content will start going viral.

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Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you Tomorrow.

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