Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords?

You’re creating a website, you want to rank high on Google.

Should your domain name contain a keyword or should it not?

Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords to Boost SEO Rankings?

Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords?

Hey, Everyone,

I’m Vashif and today I’m going to answer the question of, should your domain name contain keywords?

Well, if you want to rank higher, of course, having keywords really does help.

Just look at

Why do they rank so well for all the hotel-related terms is because they have hotels within their domain name?

Now, this doesn’t mean they’re the largest site within the space.

Price line is a much larger company. is owned by Expedia. isn’t even the most popular hotel booking site. is. doesn’t have the keyword within their domain.

If you do have the keyword within your domain name, it does make it easier to rank but, if you don’t,

that’s okay.

Look at I rank for online marketing.

The word online marketing isn’t in my domain name.

But, if you want to rank, you want to make sure the keyword is within your URL.

If you look at the term online marketing, that word is within the URL of the page that ranks on Google for online marketing.

So the short answer is, should you have the keyword within your domain?


if you can get a domain that’s keyword-rich, sure get one.

If you can’t get the keyword in your domain and you’re thinking about getting a longer domain name, such as,

it’s not really worth it because it’s not memorable.

People aren’t going to be typing that within Google, and you don’t want to be calling your company that.

So, if you can get a short domain like,,

which are almost always taken these days but,

if you have the money, go and buy them.

If you don’t, make your domain anything out there, anything that’s re-memorable, brandable, something that really resembles the business that you like.

And just make sure you include the keywords within the URL.


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