How to Increase Conversion Rate on Website?

How to Increase Conversion Rate Landing Page and Website?

increase conversion rate on website

One of your five senses is hearing.
So why aren’t you using sound within your marketing?

Hi, Everyone.

I’m Vashif, and today I’m gonna teach you how to use sound to increase your conversions.

If you go to, you’ll notice as you scroll and if you’re on the page for the first time, you’ll notice that a bell pops up in the bottom right corner.

And that bell after you’re there for, let’s say 20, 30 seconds, it will not only move, but it will also make a ringing noise. It’s drawing you into that area of my website so you know to go there, click on it, and then fill out whatever I’m, let’s say trying to pitch you or sell you.

That is my number one current converting area on


Because I use sound. I tried using a bell and alert notification without the sound. It didn’t work well.

So why is sound so effective? It’s because no one’s really using it on their website these days.

Remember back in the day, in the ’90s, you would see all these websites putting music and sound throughout their website, not ones really doing that.

And because no one’s doing it, when you add sound into your website now, it draws attention.

You just don’t want to put music and sound anywhere. Instead, you want to put sound into the areas you want people to focus on. I put it into a bell, and I did this using It’s a free tool.

Through Hello Bar, you can create a free alert notification. As you’re going and setting it up through the what you will notice is you can pick the color of the bell.

You can even pick what you show when someone clicks on it. From there, you can put your call to action and conversions in there, and it only shows up for the first time someone comes to your website.

So, if they keep coming back, it doesn’t keep digging and making noises, so it doesn’t irritate them. You’ll notice you’ll get more sales. It’s a quick win that you can place on your blog.

It’s really easy to do. It’s free. And I kid you not, it accounts for most of my conversions compared to any other thing that I have tested out.

Sure, other elements may collect more emails or more visitors, but this converts more visitors into customers than anything else on my blog.

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