How to Generate More Blog Comment

You write all of this amazing content, but how do you know people are really reading it?

Well, the real way to know that people read it and enjoy your content is if they leave a comment.

How to Generate More Blog Comment

Hey Everyone,

I’m Vashif and today I’m going to teach you how to get more blog comments.

3 Easy Ways to Get More Blog Comments, Build Engagement and Boost Traffic to Your Website

Step 1- Write a Conversational Tone

The first thing you need to do is write in a conversational tone.

I know I’ve mentioned this many times, but it’s really important.

Think about our college lecture.

If your professor’s really boring and he just rambles on, what are you going to do?

You’re going to fall asleep but if he creates a conversation with you, you’re much more likely to engage and respond.

The way you create a conversation is to use the words you and I.

When you use the words you and I within your blog posts,

the text that you’re writing creates a conversation and it encourages more people to leave a comment.

Step 2- Ask Your Question End Your Blog Post

Number two is always asking a question at the end of your blog posts,

so when people are done reading your blog posts,

what do they do next?

Well if you leave a question for them, they’re much more likely to give you an answer.

If you don’t leave a question at the end, they’re not going to leave a comment because they don’t know what to do next.

By you leaving a question at the end, it tells them that they need to leave a comment.

Step number three, make sure you use subheadings.

People skim content.

By using subheadings within your blog posts, as you see at,

what people do is they’ll go through your content quicker and because they go through your content quicker,

within a few minutes, they’ll be able to understand the gist of your blog post and they’ll figure out if they want to engage with you,

leave a comment,

Share it on the social web and that’s really,

Step 3- Use SabHeading

it’s those three things.

You write in a conversational tone by using the words you and I, you end your blog posts with a question, and third,

you make sure you use subheadings so people can skim your posts.

Sure you can try to do things like share it on the social networks or try to get more comments and try to use tactics like using Facebook comments vs your normal blog comments,

but I found that none of them really impact how many comments that you’re going to generate vs the three that I mentioned.

Just focus on those three and you’re going to get more blog comments.

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