How Do You Convert Blog Readers to Customers?

How to Turn Blog Readers into Customers?

Today, I’m going to teach you how to turn blog readers into customers. It’s really simple, I’ve been doing this for years. I started without any money.
My first job was a job SEO in Ezhome Services in Noida. So you know what I did? I started a blog to generate customers. When I started getting blog readers, I realized that nobody is going to be a subscriber.

Convert Blog Readers to Customers

What the heck?

All those visitors were useless until I learned how to turn them into customers. Here’s how you do that.

Write Your Blog Post in a Conversational Tone

The first thing you need to do is write your blog post in a conversational tone. Use the words, you and I. No one likes being talked at. Just think about going to a high school class or your college classes, what do you do? If you paid attention, awesome. Me, I went to sleep a lot of times. Why? My professors were boring.
But the ones that had a conversation with me, I stayed awake, I listened, I learned. With your blog, use the words, you and I, within your text. It’ll seem like you’re creating a conversation instead of talking at your readers.

Once you do that, you want to engage with them by making your posts skim-able. Use subheadings within your blog post and break up the text, so that way it’s easier to read. At most, you don’t want to place more than five or six lines per paragraph. If you have more than five or six lines, it becomes overwhelming, people aren’t going to find it easy to read.

Don’t Use more than 5/6 Line Per Paragraph in Your Blog Post

Then you want to wrap up your post with a conclusion. By wrapping up with a conclusion, it gives them a summary of what they should have learned. In that conclusion, end it with a question. The reason you end it with a question, such as, “Do you know of any other creative ways to turn blog readers into customers?” That creates engagement. It causes other people to leave a comment.

When someone engages with you, and then you respond to their comment, you’re building that connection. When you build a connection with people, what are they likely to do? They’re way more likely to turn into a customer. That’s what you want to do, engage with your readers.
You do that by using, you and I, making your blog posts skim-able, and leaving a question at the end so that you get more comments. When you get those comments, don’t leave them stranded, respond to them.

Respond to all Questions on Your Website to help Drive Seles-

That’s like being in a group conversation and someone asking you a conversation, and then you just turning to the side and be like, “Oh, I’m going to ignore them.” That would be rude.
To respond to the comments.
You also want to link to your products and services within your blog post. You may even want to create blog posts that are case studies and talk about the results people are getting by using your products and services. By doing those things, you’re going to generate more customers.

A person who does a great job of this is Derek Halpern from Social Triggers. He loves creating case studies. When he writes case studies, it creates more customers. That’s how he turns his blog readers into customers.
Follow those simple tactics and more of your readers will turn into buyers.


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