Google My Business Listing Set Up Step By Step 2021

Today I want to show you how to set up your google my business listing for maximum exposure so you can get more customers from google 100% for free.

So your google my business profile is kind of like your Facebook business page.

Google My Business Listing Set Up

Google My Business Listing Set Up

But the cool thing about Google is that people are actually going to google to search out answers so they might be typing in electrician in phoenix Arizona or real estate agent in phoenix Arizona. and if you have your google my business profile set up and optimized the right way more than likely your profile is going to show at the very top without spending any money on paid advertising so that when someone types in a real estate agent in phoenix Arizona they’re going to see your google my business profile very first they’re going to click on it and they’re going to work with you now the important thing with all this if you want to rank at the very top you need to have a complete google my business profile.

I’m going to show you step by step how to set all this up but a complete profile means you have more five-star reviews than the next person you have all updated complete information. and you have the brand new google my business features set up which is google my business chat and the cool thing about this is if somebody is searching for your business or real estate agent in phoenix Arizona on their mobile phone which most people are searching on their mobile phone these days they’re going to be able to have one simple tap and be able to chat with your business and if you have this set up the right way like.
I’m going to show you guys you can text back and forth with this person directly from your mobile phone so you never miss another lead. show you how to set this google my business profile up step by step and if you do not already have a google my business profile go through it and take action and get everything set up step by step. and if you already do have a google my business profile maybe at the end of this blog take some notes and then go update your profile so you’re more likely to actually rank at the top of Google when someone is searching for your business.

All right so let me show you how to set this up step by step and the best part about this is a 100% for free and if you take these simple steps you can actually rank your business at the top of google 100% for free without paying any money on advertising. So the first thing you’re going to do is go to 

it’s going to give you a quick overview of what we’re going to go through and set up but what you need to do is you need to sign in first to your google account. 

start your gmb listing

I’m just going to quickly sign in right here now once you’ve signed in it’s going to prompt you to go through and add your business and you can see right here. I’ve already got a couple of businesses added but to go through and add a new business we’re just going to click on add business and do add a single business now if your business is already in the google system you’re going to go through and just type it in right here but if it’s not in the system you’ve never done any of this before what we’re going to do is click on add your business to google all right so right here we’re going to create our business profile so this is just like creating your own Facebook business page but it’s going to allow us to be found on google. which is extremely powerful so your business name is right here there’s a few things that we need to keep in mind when we’re going through and setting up our business name so let’s say we are a real estate agent. I’m just going to go through and type in Vashif real estate agent because more than likely if somebody’s going through and typing in the search bar for a real estate agent in phoenix Arizona they’re probably going to type in real estate agent phoenix Arizona right or the same thing with an electrician phoenix Arizona so you want to go through and be able to leverage these different keywords in your actual business profile. however, if you do take this to the extreme your google my business profile can get flagged by google so don’t go through and saying Vashif real estate agent near me and phoenix Arizona because that just doesn’t make sense whats over but go through and say Jason Wardrop real estate agent or Vashif real realty or realtor that totally makes sense right now these keyword strategies are something important to keep in mind because if I go over here and I type in google electrician near me check out these business names so Kinser electrical contracting LLC although that is the name of their LLC it’s not the best way to structure the name of your business for your google my business profile. 

okay so I would say something like Kinser electrician and then whatever the city is in okay so those are some different things to keep in mind as you’re going through and creating your business profile account here then as far as the business category. what I would do for a real estate agent I would do real estate agent and then you can see if you got agency or agents um depending on. if you’re a solo agent or if you’re a full-on team I would go through and choose whatever works best for you so I’m just going to do real estate agents right here. then I’m going to click next now what it’s going to do is just going to walk you step by step through creating this entire profile now remember. 

what I said earlier google likes it when you have the most up-to-date information on your profile so do you want to add a location customers can visit now obviously depending on your business maybe customers don’t actually visit a physical location. but if there’s any chance of them actually visiting your specific location. I would put yes and type in the address and all the contact information because google likes to have the best information as possible and whatever listing is going to have the best and most accurate information possible that is the one they’re more likely to show at the very top of their search engine now.

This example just because it’s a demo I’m just going to click on no right here but then it’s going to walk us to you where do you serve your customers so this is where you’re going to want to go through and put your exact city your address everything so. 

we’re going to go through and we’re going to click next and like.

I said even though this is optional highly recommend going through and filling out every step of your google my business profile.   

okay then down here what region is your business base in the united states or whatever country you’re located in how are they going to actually contact you. you want to throw in your website you want to throw in your contact phone number. okay even though it says I don’t need a website you want to go through and have that website because like I said the more accurate the information is the more likely Google is going to actually rank your business. 

when somebody is typing into search terms to find a business just like yours so for this example. I just threw in some basic information. 

we’re going to click next now next what it’s going to do is going to ask us to put in our mailing address to verify the business so what we’re going to do is we’re going to put in our mailing address this could be where you actually live. or where you work whatever works best with you but what’s going to happen is Google needs to verify your business and verify the actual location so they’re going to send out a little postcard and it’s going to have a confirmation id and that’s going to happen for the next two to three days after we complete this listing and then once you get that postcard you need to go back to your google my business profile. 

Type in that id so that your business can go through and be activated and go live on the google search engines now although you can go through and verify your business later this is an extremely important step because until you have verified your profile. you are not going to go through and rank in the search engine. so obviously this is just a demo so I’m going to hit verify later but I don’t recommend doing that I would go through and fill out all this information because the sooner you can get that postcard the soon you can go through and put in that little id code. and the sooner you can activate your google my business profile. 

So for this example I’m just going to do verify later so now it’s going to have you add your services and like I said although you can skip it I highly recommend going through and filling this out as completely as possible. so it has right here appraisal so we’re just going to click on that and we can even come in here and say home evaluation something like that and we’re just going to hit next so next we’re going to add our business hours. so what we’re going to do is just going to check on Monday do the opening time the closing time you’re going to do that for every single day of the week and like I said you want a complete profile for this example. 

I’m just going to click skip for right now and then the.  

Ad messaging is huge guys this is a brand new feature that googles my business is releasing and this is so powerful this is going to allow people that are searching for your business on their phone to be able to just tap message business. and 

I’m going to show you guys here in just a second how you can get it going directly to your mobile phone to text back and forth with that customer with that potential client so you never lose another customer you never lose another lead again. 

So we want to accept messaging right here we’re going to click next and then we’re going to go through. 

Add a business description okay and like I said be thorough with this add a couple of sentences I would add three to five sentences about who you are what you do even. if you’re like a real estate agent or electrician and everyone already knows. what you do go through and add the information and let people know what you do and how you can help them so for this. 

Professional Profile Photo- 

one I’m just going to hit skip and then once again add some photos right here add some nice professional photos the key thing about photos guys is people are very visual so the better the photos the more likely. somebody’s gonna actually click on your profile so make sure you’re going through and getting good quality photos that you’re gonna go through and add to your google my business profile and if you don’t have great photos right now that’s okay you can go through and add a photo or two just something that you’ve got on hand but then I highly recommend going and getting some great photos taken of your business to help you get ranked higher and then once you’re ranked to get people to actually click on your google my business profile. 

okay so skipping this right here um this one is going through and setting up an ad for your business we don’t need to go through and do this obviously that’s how google goes through and makes their money. 
um but we don’t need to go through and set up an ad because of some of these little strategies.
I’m walking through right now are going to just naturally help you get ranked at the top of google with your business profile so we’ll click on skip right here it says your business profile is almost ready.

we’re going to click continue and then it’s going to take us to this final thing right. 

Now so this is a quick overview of the profile that we just created and you can see right here verification needed so this is where they’re going to send you out that postcard and once you get that postcard it’s going to have a little id number on it and then we’re just going to click on verify now and it’s going to go through and verify the business and obviously.
I didn’t put in the address but once you put in the address then it’s going to when you hit verify now. it’s going to have you put in that little id code and you should be good to go and another one of the big keys to actually getting your google my business profile ranked is your online reviews.


the more online reviews you have the more five-star online reviews you have the more likely your business is going to show up at the top but in order to start getting these online reviews, you have to have your business verified and to start doing the google my business messaging. you also have to have your business verified so go through and get that done get it verified as soon as possible. and then once it’s verified I want to show you guys how to go through and automate all of your online reviews and also add the google my business chat to be able to text back and forth with all of your customers right from your mobile phone all right so to automate your online reviews as well as with your google my business chat and be able to text back and forth with a customer.


Local Search (GMB)

When someone willsearch for a business or place near their location Google will help them to find your business.

The name itself suggests that it is related to the location of my business. When someone will search for a business or place near their location, Google will help them to find your business. If you have not done it or want to improve it then hire a local business expert. 

Ads on Google can help lead users to call or visit your locations. When people will search for something related to your business they will be able to see your business ad with the location. This gives you the power to attract customers. Customers will get your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps, which will make it easy for you to Review, post photos of products or special offers, and add/edit your business details.

Freelance local business specialists can now manage Google My Business to make it more effective.

Anyone can add their business profile to Google but to manage it properly we should have a separate Google My Business account for your profile’s page. Google my business is a must to manage your business profile. We have to claim ownership, after approval we can manage the accuracy of information consumers see.

This is mostly used as a tool to increase the visibility of your profile. It is necessary to maintain this information accurately as some customers reach online and try to connect to you.

You don’t have time to pay attention to these matters then now you can hire a local business specialist and see them bloom in your business. 

It provides a quick and convenient means for customers to access basic information about your business like address, operating hours, and contact details, without leaving Google.

I’m An Experienced Freelance SEO Expert UK And Professional PPC Specialities UK.
And that’s what you need to do to drastically grow your traffic. If you need more help increasing your Branding, increasing your traffic, check out my ads agency IT World. And of course, if you enjoyed the Blog like it, share it, tell other people about it.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you Tomorrow.

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