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There are many Ranking factors that search enginesuse to determine whether to rank your web pages.

There may be a wide range of reasons why your site might not be ranking in search results for certain keywords right from site speed and Meta descriptions to page authority and backlinks. Our SEO audit can help you focus on which on-page or off-site factors are impacting your search engine performance. Connect with Freelancer for SEO audit to discuss the results and learn how to improve your SEO and content marketing strategy.

My SEO Audit will reveal your 0-100 score. This score mainly depends on backlinks to your website from multiple referring domains. If your website gets a low score then it means that you have to invest in SEO strategies. A free SEO audit will give you a rough idea about what your website needs to improve. A detailed analysis can be provided if you hire a freelancer for an SEO audit

The audit process can also identify if there are any toxic links in your link profile. Your website performance will help if remove these links. 

Now you must be thinking, what an SEO Audit Should Be? Most important is an audit should be comprehensive. It should have both structural and content components. It should give you a clear view of what is happening currently on your website. 

Free SEO Audit

A good audit will be always easy to understand. After completing the audit we should see that the recommendations are actionable. Depending on the factors of the project impact we should add the recommendations to the website.

This may sound complicated but if you hire an SEO audit freelancer then he will do everything for you. If you feel it important to have an audit then contact me now! 

An SEO audit can take up to 6-8 weeks, in this time an SEO audit freelancer will analyse and uncover SEO opportunities on your website. In this duration, you are always free to ask for the status of the progress. 

Are you looking for a freelancer who can be available for you all the time?

Book a free SEO consultancy call with me now! You will be happy to have a person who will provide you with all updates, delivers on time, and provide you a great ROI on SEO.