Digital Marketing Strategies and Marketing Techniques for Free

Would you say that I’m Pretty Good at Marketing?

I think so. Am I the best? Probably not.

Digital Marketing Strategies and Marketing Techniques for Free

I think some people are better than me at everything out there, right?

I believe you can always get better. So, just like me, you probably have a similar attitude. You want to learn online marketing. How do you do it?

What’s the Best Way to Learn Online Marketing?

Hi, Everyone, I’m Vashif, and today, I’m going to teach you how to learn online marketing.

Step 1-

The first thing you need to do is go to the blogosphere.

You can go to Google, type in any keywords.

A lot of blogs rank high.

You can type in “online marketing.” You can type in “SEO.

You can go to, you can go to, you can go to, and you can go to backlinks.

Those are four sites that will teach you about marketing.

They’ll give you all the information you need to know to learn Digital Marketing.

You should read these blogs daily.

They continually crank out new content.

This will help you keep on top of industry trends, because Google, Facebook, all these social media and ad platforms out there keep changing.

If you don’t stay on top, you’re going to get outdated, and you’re not going to do well as a marketer. 

Step 2-

Implement What You Are Learning?

Step number two, and this is really important, is to implement what you’re learning.


I don’t recommend that you implement what you’re learning in your own business if you’re starting off.

You should create a fake website, a site on anything.

You can go to, set up a site. 

It’s free. You can create a blog, and you can take these tactics and implement them on this free site that you created.

Eventually, you will learn what’s working and what’s not working.

Once you use a tactic, and you realize, “Hey, this is somewhat working,” you can then take that tactic and implement it in your business.

That’s how I’ve learned marketing. It’s through actually doing. Reading is one thing, but if you never implement it, you’ll never learn. 


The third thing that you can do is go to,and that’s a page where you put in a URL, and it will give you a report.

That report will show you what’s wrong with your webpage.

It’s free. You use that, it’ll break down what changes you need to make.

As your implementing and making these changes to your web pages, if you’re lost, you can use free tools like this or you can use paid tools like to get data on what changes you need to make to your website.

Or, you can use Google’s free tools, like Google Search Console, in which you can go there, add your site, and Google will tell you all the errors that they’re finding on your website.

You fix them.

Naturally, your site is going to increase in rankings.

It’ll take time before you see the results, but it works.

That’s how you learn marketing.

You read more information out there, read the four blogs that I gave you.

You implement, right?
You test on a fake site like WordPress before you make the changes on your boss’s site or your own business website.

And third, you use the Neil Patel SEO analyzer, put in a URL, and they’ll show you what’s wrong, or you can use tools like Google Search Console or Moz.

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And that’s what you need to do to drastically grow your traffic.

If you need more help increasing your Branding, increasing your traffic, check out my ads agency IT World.

And of course, if you enjoyed the Blog like it, share it, tell other people about it.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you Tomorrow.

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