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Is it the right time to boost your business through SEO services it deals with increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website.


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The overall goal of online marketing and SEO services is to get your keywords to the first page of search engines, like Google.

What would it mean for your business if you ranked #1 and #2 for your most competitive terms?

I’m an Experienced Freelance SEO Expert in UK | Professional PPC Specialities in UK.

Is it the right time to boost your business through SEO services?

SEO Which stands for Search Engine Optimization deals with increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website.

SEO not only includes on-page activities but the main strategy is to rank top of some 75000 search queries that Google handles every second. We need to understand the strategies used by competitors and the google search engine landscape to perform better in competition. For this, we need to understand and analyze competitor’s strategies, also identify their backend profile. To improve our profile, we need a lot of expertise. This is possible if you hire an SEO Specialist. 

There are many other things that SEO freelancers Expert in UK can do for you

  1. Study your SEO case for your business and perform the necessary actions.
  2. Prepare and perform ideas for voice search SEO.
  3. Research about competitor’s growth and accordingly scale your growth. 
  4. Update you regarding the latest trends and use of it.
  5. Showcase monthly SEO audit reports to identify which model is best for you
  6. Check whether it is worth optimizing your content for the contentious Google Discover.

SEO takes a lot of time. If one is investing time to perform basic SEO rather than looking at the business it is of no use. However basic SEO will not help you to rank in search engines.

If your in-house SEO strategy is failing, that means you are not using the right keywords or not using them correctly. SEO strategy does not guarantee success every time. So, if you’re not seeing tangible results in traffic after a full year of engaging, you need professional help.

To know who is best to hire, it is better to go for such a specialist who has proven experience in delivering SEO success. Everyone will claim to be an SEO expert in UK, but hiring with experience will fetch results.

However, we will be investing money in SEO freelancers in UK, so hiring the best who has rich experience is recommended. As they can find suitable keywords and help you rank for them.

SEO is a continuous process. One has to perform off-page activities well. 

Only practicing on-page activities will not help. In short, we can say that both on-page and off-page activities are very important. Also, we know that everything around us keeps developing and updating. So, if Google updates its algorithm every 12 hours, then this will impact SEO too. There are over 200 factors that google will use for ranking websites. Therefore, we need to have such SEO strategy that will accommodate these frequent updates. We have to consider all the changes going around and update the latest trends in SEO all the time. If we will not update regularly, we will fall behind.

Are you looking for a freelancer who can be available for you all the time? 

Book a free SEO consultancy call with me now! You will be happy to have a person who will provide you with all updates, delivers on time, and provide you a great ROI on SEO.

Our Services

SEO is an investment into your business


There are many ranking factors that search engines use to determine whether to rank your web pages. There may be a wide range of reasons why your site might not be ranking in search results for certain keywords right from site speed and Meta descriptions to page authority and backlinks.


Ads on Google can help lead users to call or visit your locations. When people will search for something related to your business they will be able to see your business ad with the location. This gives you the power to attract customers. Customers will get your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps, which will make it easy for you to Review, post photos of products or special offers.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce which is meant for buying or selling goods online. Are we not looking for online shopping if we need any product? Yes! The world is getting online so are the ways of living. We buy something online and that is where we engage in a commercial transaction and it is called e-commerce. It is important to make customers find a product easily then only they will buy it.

PPC Services

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which means you have to pay the charge to the host website only when the customer clicks on the link and not if customers just look at your advertisement on Google. The charges will depend on the competition on that particular keyword. Only an experienced PPC expert will know about the market and will make sure they charge a reasonable amount and it will make your ad to be on the first three positions on Google.


A freelancer international SEO specialist can help you to achieve your desired goals offer the best way to boost your sales across the world. I work on territory-specific SEO strategies keeping in mind your business requirements. This will help clients to reach multiple markets with a single agency. Whether it is one country or many we have technical and language experts who can help you to succeed worldwide.

Link Building

If you want to improve your site's search engine optimization then there is a way called link building. It is the process of obtaining backlinks to your website which are from other websites on the internet. So, a higher ranking can be achieved with search engines.Build better links with me. The need for good link building is quite necessary these days. The one who understands this wins the battle. I am here to guide you all in the right direction


Technical SEO is a way where we can see that a website can meet the technical requirements of modern search engines. The goal is to improve organic rankings. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are important elements of Technical SEO. Then, do not worry. Find a freelance technical SEO expert and get all your doubts cleared.


A competitive analysis is a strategy to find out major competitors and research their products, sales, and marketing strategies. By this, you can create solid business strategies that will help you improve upon your competitors. It will tell you the ins and outs of how your competition works. Then you can easily identify potential opportunities where you can out-perform them.


It will analyse your website and content. As we know Google is continuously updating its algorithm so that it can better understand a searcher’s intent and deliver search results that meet that user’s needs. So, when the algorithm is developing it is important that we update our website as well.


I will know the tools and strategies for uncovering the information and learn tactics that'll help you avoid keyword research foibles and build strong content. You can uncover the world of SEO with a keyword research specialist after uncovering how your target audience is searching for your content.


Off-page SEO is the actions taken outside of your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO help to rank a site higher. This includes improving search engine and user perception of a site's popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. When we know that Google's algorithms and ranking factors are constantly updating,


On-page SEO deals with the process of optimizing web page content for search engines and users. This includes optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs. Many tactics can help you to rank your website higher. Discover all the information related to what is on-page SEO and why it matters with a freelance on-page SEO expert.You can succeed in organic search by optimizing for a combination of factors that search engines consider important

Over 6+ Years of Freelance SEO Experience

I’ve been devising and managing successful SEO strategies and campaigns for leading brands, start-ups, and rising stars for 14 years. I first developed my skills working agency side (leading SEO departments in some of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK), before establishing my reputation as an international SEO consultant.

 I’ve worked with multiple businesses helping them upskill internal teams, running training sessions, and providing support with processes and documentation. I also help smaller businesses with my SEO consulting – focusing on the business priorities to maximize every budget and deliver great results with quantifiable ROI every time.

My contact details are available; you can fill the form or give me a ring and arrange a free initial SEO consultation.

What's My Mission as an SEO Freelancer?

I am a freelancer, and my mission is simple. I want to help others build their dreams and achieve their business goals, by increasing the leads for their businesses and also by increasing their website’s visibility in search engines.

 Why did I choose this mission? This is the thing that wakes me up in the morning, sorry to be very cringey here. When I started this, I had helped out a fellow employee to start his dream business up (a bed and breakfast). It had allowed his business to thrive and for him to leave his day job.

When I think about my first engagement in SEO consulting and my very first SEO client, it reminds me of why I’ve started and why SEO feels like such a great thing to do every day. Being connected to this initial value emotionally, I believe I will be the right choice as an ‘SEO consultant in India’ and I have been ranking top for ‘SEO freelancer in India’ for years now.

Working with great businesses and customers motivates me to be in this space. 

My Clients

Don't take my word for it!

Highly Recommended, hire them with confidence. They are always responsive I am lucky to find VASHIF for my ongoing projects. Honestly speaking VASHIF is the best SEO Freelancer Expert and PPC Expert, I have ever crossed through. Fabulous. Thank you Vashif Team, I think is a best Freelance in UK & India

ANIL KUMAR SETH Mission Director

I got on Google’s 1st page in just less than a month’s time for my business in Germany. It has been more than a month since I know Vashif. And my experience working with Team IT World Techs for Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) has been amazing. Highly Recommended!!!! I think Best SEO freelancer in Noida Delhi.

ROHAN Director

I did a really great job on social media marketing. I would recommend them for 100%. The teamwork at iamVashif.com is really awesome and Vashif really did great efforts, he's a gem at IT World Noida. If you are looking for a great team for your social media marketing, you can definitely count on them. Thank you, guys Best Social Media Company in Noida Delhi.


I've known the Vashif guys for a very long time now, I've received countless advice and strategic direction on digital marketing for my business, kind, and honest and energetic pretty much sums them up highly recommended! Best SEO Freelancer in Noida Delhi.



    I have seenTremendous ResultsFrom My Clients

    • Over 12 Months – 150% Increase in Organic Traffic/ 194% Increase Revenue.
    • 141% Increase in Organic Traffic Over a 12 Months period.
    • Over 6 Months – 193% Increase in Conversion Rate, Saving of 2.23$ Per Click – Higher Quality Traffic at the better Rate.
    • 229% Increase Organic page view over 6 Months.
    • Over 12 Months – CPC Saving of $5.67, 1.4% Increase in CTR More Relevant Traffic at a Cheaper Rate.
    • 151% Increase in Organic Traffic Over a 12 Months Period.
    • Over 12 Months – CPC Saving of $1.50, Increase of 2.90% in CTR – More Relevant Traffic for a cheaper Rate
    • 137% Increase in Organic Traffic Over a 12 Months Period.
    • 90% Increase in Organic Traffic Over a 12 Months Period, Generating a 30% Increase in biddable Enquiries.
    • 324% Increase in Organic Traffic Over a 6 Months period.
    • 512% Increase in Organic Traffic after year-on-year.
    • 30% Increase in Organic Traffic Over a 12 Months Period.
    • 267% Increase in Users last 3-month vs previous year.

    Why Choose My SEO Services?

    My SEO Process

    • Technical Audits

      Fix any issues, make Strong Foundations, and Control what Google indexes and crawls. This is important in e-commerce, as it may create infinite crawl black holes, causing Panda penalty and keyword cannibalization-related issues.

    • Keyword Research, Mapping & Topic Clustering

      Keyword research isn’t an easy task. It includes identifying areas for sub-topics and mapping these out for a long-term content plan.

    • NLP Backed on Page Optimization to Tackle BERT

      Using NLP understands topical relevance, optimizing pages for both bots and users. Also, here I understand the page topic for user intent.

    • Off-Site, Links, & Entity Optimization

      Determine the trustworthiness and authority of a specific entity. I build relevance, strength, and positive sentiment for clients, that will result in higher rankings that will last. This involves link building, schema.org and entity clustering, narrative influence, etc.



    Health Care









    Non profit

    Non - Profit













    Key SEO tools I use

    Website Technologies I Work With


    Most of them will work for an agreed day rate depending on the level of experience. Approximately it may cost anywhere between £250-£1500 a day. I will always try to give services at affordable rates.

    Not at all, there will be an ‘Independent Contractor Agreement’. According to this just give me 30 days' notice time and then you can withdraw the service anytime.

    SEO takes time – it’s a long-term marketing investment. It depends on hard work. However, if a freelance SEO consultant says that they can double your traffic in less than 3 months then it’s probably a piece of great news.

    Once we will study your business website, we will decide the time on the keywords. If in that particular time the Google policy gets updated then we will explain the problems, yet if you are not satisfied, we will give you the full amount after 30days. 

    In this, we will provide a free Overview audit of your website. This is going to be just an audit and not in detail. If you want details then you have to hire the specialist.

    I’ve worked extensively on WordPress as well as having experience using Shopify, Wix, and Magento. I’ve also worked on several custom-built, JavaScript-based frameworks.

    While PPC can bring immediate results, it’s the most expensive. Keywords can range severely in cost per click and many clicks are wasted on bots. Many business owners are frustrated over “pay to play” because once they turn off the ads, the traffic is gone. That’s why I recommend SEO. Organic traffic (shown below the ads) brings more clicks than PPC, 70% of clicks go to organic search results! SEO makes a smart investment!

    A few months is not enough time to start seeing results long-term. Think of SEO as 1building muscles. You can work out for a few months and start to get stronger, but if you don’t continue to train, and stop – your muscles weaken.

    Yes, you can always suggest. We can tell you whether those keywords will help or suggest new keywords that would attract more traffic.

    The time depends on the business requirements. Also, e-commerce business will take more time. Approximately it can take 7-10 working days.

    Technical SEO can increase the traffic up to 70% and it covers all aspects of your website from hosting to site speed. Hence, I suggest you go for it.

    Freelancers can concentrate only on your project whereas the company should handle many projects at a time. So, a freelancer can handle it in a better way.

    Yes, we can perform link building for your Business.

    There’s no “SEO secret.” To be specific, I follow Google’s document on Search Engine Optimization. The document is called “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.” It covers everything you need to know about creating websites that give a great user experience along with over 200 ranking factors. It’s a free public document. BTW, if an SEO company tells you, they have a “proprietary” SEO secret and can’t talk about how they rank sites… RUN!

    SEO is NOT a “get rich quick” service. As an SEO expert, I don’t know when people will purchase your goods or services. My job is to optimize your website to rank in Google for specific keywords. With more “influencers” on YouTube standing next to a Lambo than ever before – urging you to get “rich” like them from a website by setting up an online store and turning on ads. While they sell you an expensive online course. SEO is a slow but steady process. Yes, I can help you create ads in Google AdWords but I won’t promise you a quick buck in ROI. Testing ads and refining ads take time. Please be sure you have a high-quality website/landing page with a decent product before spending money on ads.

    Yes – and I’ve also lived in 4 different countries, with 3 different languages in use, so I think I’ve got quite a good amount of experience based on using the internet from these different regions. When working with my clients I like to research all possible opportunities to help them to grow traffic and their business – which may or may not involve international SEO efforts to build a presence within new geographic markets.

    Results Guaranteed money back 100%

    I'm happy to provide this guaranteed SEO service as I'm certain that you'll be delighted with my work.

    Using my Freelancer SEO service, your business will see continued growth from the use of search engine marketing built around your individual needs and goals.

    As a result, you’ll appear on page 1 on Google (and other search engines) and that you will establish your business as an authority within your niche, in a manner that is compliant with the latest best practices.

    Furthermore, my digital marketing and SEO consultant services comes with a guarantee.

    If there is no improvement in rankings or traffic in the first month then I will refund your payment.

    That is to say, you can cancel my SEO consultant services at any time. No quibbles.

    I’m happy to provide this guaranteed SEO service as I’m certain that you’ll be delighted with my work.

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